Easter News

The current Corona Virus situation is also affecting the activities of Licht für Afrika e.V. For several months we had prepared a promising stove project in the diocese of Mbinga (Women in Development). Although this project has now slowed down in its practical implementation, it is still being pursued. We are currently working on a detailed report to present the project, which provides economic support to the local women by producing clay stoves locally. The mobile stoves make household work easier, save wood and reduce smoke. For details on the project scroll further down.


Meanwhile, our spare parts service continues as usual.


We wish our friends and members particularly blessed and happy Easter holidays. We wish you and your families good health and a peaceful Easter. We all will get through these times and are looking forward to successfully implementing the planned projects together in the future.


With hearty greetings

- the board of Licht für Afrika e.V.

Our new project in 2020:

Dissemination of efficient stoves


We are currently planning a new project that will improve the living situation of women and children in particular: the dissemination of improved cooking stoves (Tanzania improved cooking stoves - TICS).


The most widespread cooking system is still the 3-stone, pot and firewood system. Women and children collect firewood, then the food is prepared. Due to the open fire and the smoke, they are exposed to harmful gases, which mainly damage eyes and the respiratory tract. A sustainable improvement of this situation is to be achieved by spreading the TICS through our planned training course.


We aim to have a total of 25 people - mainly interested women - trained by local experts. Under the guidance of Mrs. Rose Turuka, the women will learn how to build an efficient stove from local materials (clay and bricks). There are different types of stoves, mobile and stationary, with and without smoke outlets. The costs for this seminar, which will last several days, are approximately € 4.000,--, which will be covered by Licht für Afrika e.V.. The following goals are to be reached by further spreading the TICS:


 - A significant reduction of smoke in the kitchen or cooking area and thus a

   decrease in eye infections and respiratory diseases.


 - A more efficient/sustainable way of burning firewood which saves of up to 

   500 kg per year and oven.


 - A reduced environmental impact due to a reduced need for firewood.


 - A reduced workload which saves time for women and children.


 - An increase in employment potential for stove builders.


Due to the virus pandemic, the training seminar is not possible at the moment as the Tanzanian government has issued a one-month temporary ban on all assemblies.

© Picture: "Jiko Matawi" Improved stoves made out of clay.