Report on Kindimba Mill

by Father Joseph Ngahi

on the occasion of his visit with Br. Kevin Ngondola in Bammental September 02, 2013



The initial operation of the watermill generator enabled the electrification of the elementary- and secondary school, the health center, the parish hall and the church as well as several teachers' accomodations.

These subscribers currently pay a monthly 200,000 TSH. This covers an electrician, a security person and an administrative manager. Adding to this are the costs resulting from lightning stroke and generator breakdown.

Authoritative tariffs and an administration for a financially sustainable operation should be installed as soon as possible, because the voluntary payments are regressive.

The REA (Rural Electrification Agency) which is reponsible for the rural current supply in Tanzania has already furnished materials for the connection of 4 village-parts and will also support the installation procedures.