Reilser Kerweborscht's Donation

On June 18 the „Reilser Kerweborscht“ invited all citizens for the yearly cultural event comprising comical as well as satirical artist performances, called  „Reilser Dörndlfest“.


After the „Kerweborscht“ in 2014 had had repaired the historical Reilsheim watch- and clock-tower with great commitment, there is the yearly „Reilser Dörndlfest“ in this local tower in the Schulstraße.


The „Reilser Kerweborscht“ seized this opportunity to donate


1000,-- €


from their revenues to the „Licht für Afrika e.V.“


The cheque handover ceremony was held during the parish fair on Sunday at the city hall..


This donation to the “Licht für Afrika e.V.“ association, which provides electricity by hydroelectric installations for remote villages in Tansania, will be able to procure further grid connections there.


On behalf of all persons concerned we express our gratitude to the „Verein den Reilser Kerweborscht“ for their generous donation.


 Asante Sana !