Dear friends from Licht für Afrika


Refugees are knocking at our door, expelled by war and misery.

We feel encouraged in our work, to help where need arises in order to make people find more hope for the future in their homeland.


In Tanzania a coordinator for small hydroelectric plants in the project region of Njombe has arrived. An intern is travelling the projects in the southern highlands and a senior expert for water constructions will depart for Tanzania January 4 to support our water-mill constructors. We are curious about their reports.


It's most important that the cooperation between our local partners and the communities and partners will work out.

We keep trying to maintain public interest for Africa and build bridges by organizing African festivities, markets, concerts and give out reports.


At this very end of the year we should express our gratitude to all members, donors and sponsors, who have helped us and contrubuted to shed light for Africa.


We wish all of you

a merry and contemplative Christmas and all the best for the new year to come


(Signatures of President and Vice-President)


[Translation of the German Christmas Letter]