Licht für Afrika Pilot Project

Electrification of the Kindimba community using watermill hydoelectrics 

Kindimba Valley…

…and its 4 village parts

Since 2002 The Kindimba community runs a watermill. For its production, maintenance and further development a committee was founded („SENGU“). Thanks to the excellent contacts with the village, we could accompany the development and learned about the desire to electrify the village.

Creek and …

… watermill

We examined the application and signed a contract for implementation of our common project. From 2008 on, Licht für Afrika financed the installation of an electric generator, the control unit and the wires to the center of the village.  Since 2010 schools, the centers for community administration and health and the accomodations for teachers and students were electrified as well as 20 village homes.

The watermill yields benefit for the village people

Village committee  Sengu

For the electrification of four village-parts we prepared, in cooperation with our partner, Mr. Godfrey Ndeuwo, adequate planning and applications for the Rural Energy Agency (REA). REA approved the application and financed the necessary materials (wirings, transformers and grid connections) as well as the installation.


The installation of wiring and connections of 70 homes was finished by early 2016. In the course of the subsequent grid works a new generator had to be placed and an electric power-mill had to be installed. Both will start production shortly. 


Licht für Afrika is prepared to grant further support for the following phase of completion and launch. Small credits for the individual homes‘connections and installations are also feasible.


We shall report about progress.