Annual Report 2015

At present we coach three project places in the southern highlands of Tanzania:


In Tosamaganga close to Iringa we have looked after the water supply of eight institutes for more than three years as well as the power- and water-supply of a [?]. All facilities were driven by water turbines. This contact stalled when the facilities supervisor left the institute three years ago. Last year we learned that the facilities were overhauled by swiss specialists financed by a foundation. The manager of the measure informed us some days ago, that he was interested in a cooperation for the further maintenance of the facilities. He will visit us soon and give us a report. We’ll see, how we can cooperate in future.


In the district / in the diocese of Mbinga we have supervised for years eight water-mills having previously been financed by Misereor and the japanese JICA-organization. Our association has funded the electrification of the Kindimba station and supplied the community center, the school, the teachers’ living quarters and the health center. For the electrification of four village parts the governmental REA-organization (Rural Energy Agency) stepped into the breach. The connection of the villages in process under the leadership of Godfrey. The conducts are already in place and 70 houses connected. Administration and management of the center are in preparation. The community has informed us that small loans will be required for the in-house installations and the purchase of small electrical devices. We estimate the project to be completed within the next months.


Our project work is focussed in the region of Njombe, where our GIZ coordinator is positioned in the vicinity of the John Fute-Hydro-Center. We are in close contact with the coordinator in order to continue the projects initiated by John Fute. The pilot installation Igomenyi is currently the center, a watermill being under construction as a precursor for the electrification. Last week the coordinator reported that the national power company Tanesco plans to install the mains into the village this year. Now that the community has lost interest in the watermill for an electric generator for the village is feasible, we currently evaluate the possibilities to support the village on its way to electrification. The generator drive that already has been shipped can be used for other purposes. This region shows several different electrification projects. This requires a careful evaluation if and where small island solution still prove to be efficient in consideration of the upcoming powergrid.



Human Resources:


After GIZ agreed to finance a coordinator, the belgian expert Gregor Probst, who had visited us in Bammental in February 2015, applied for the assignment. He previously had accompanied Klaus Teege at his project works in Tanzania. Unfortunately he could not take office directly because GIZ insists on a lengthy project-evaluation- and application-procedure. Due to this development, the newly selected coordinator Markus Schroers, accompanied by the GIZ head of projects Dr. Henning Vogel, came to Bammental to introduce themselves and discuss the recent projects. Following these preparations the new coordinator is on site and we have vivid and continuous contact.


Klaus Teege originally scheduled another SES mission in the Njombe Region projects, but could not realize it for personal reasons. Mr. Teege was supposed to be accompanied by a young GIZ-intern (economic engineer and skilled mechatronics technician). After only one visit to the Kindimba project he was released from the internship by GIZ due to recent local legal ordinances inhibited any further engagement.