Bammental goes Africa Event 2015

 Once more vibrating African life in Bammental !


Bammental goes Africa, an initiative of the „Licht für Afrika“ Society, will again host an African day dating September 12 in and around the Bammental TV Halle.


At 11 o’clock a.m., Anette Rehfuss will open the event, assisted by Kossi Dikpor and his drum band.


A big variety of African information- and sales-stands offering textiles, wood carvings, basketry, jewelry and much more await you and invite for strolling and lingering in and around the Bammental TV Halle. Simultaneously varied stage programmes will cater for African air during the course of the day.


The “Singing Friends” of the „Liederkranz Bammental“ will sing, dance and drum for you seconded by the Bammental Dancing Studio featuring Sabine Baumann and Ashitey with his Young Percussionists.


Kossi Dikpor and Friends will accompany you during the whole day with their percussion art.


We are proud and glad to present to you Rolf Stalhofen and his Band as our final highlight. He gained fame as singer-songwriter and member of the band “Söhne Mannheims”.


For the children this day will offer various attractions like face painting as well as a tinker workshop guided by the Bammental protestant community. 


Most of the catering will be provided by Moustapha M`Bengue and his partyservice crew „Kulinarische Genüsse aus Afrika“ who will prepare a bouquet of various African specialities.


Kossi Dikpor and the “Kakadu e.V.“ Association will treat with coffee, tea and pies.


The revenue from this event will be dedicated to the school project Togo of the “Kakadu e.V.“ association and the current projects of „Licht für Afrika e.V.“ in Tanzania.


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The „Bammental goes Africa“ Initiative is looking forward to welcome you.