Bammental Goes Africa

Event 2015

Successful Event - September 12, 2015

Nobody could ignore the African atmosphere around the TV-Halle in the Bammental Hauptstraße (Main Street): Abundantly endowed and affectionately decorated market stands with colorful baskets and gaudy textiles were inviting passers-by to linger and arose their curiosity for the events inside the TV-Halle.  Various stands offered information on projects successfully supporting for many years already the local population in many countries like Togo, Sudan, Tanzania. Kossi Dikpor from the school project "Les miracles de Yahvé" and one of the initiators of the Afrikafest pointed out the importance and meaning of this support: This school meanwhile teaches 900 children from various ethnic groups providing them with quality education and perspectives for their future. The stage wall was emblazoned by a big mural painting on which the pupils depicted their hopes and wishes concerning their topic: "Peace". It was the objective of this day to combine African living environment with the view on global contexts and the support for various care projects in a lively festival. The moving spirit behind the festival was inspired by  people bearing international understanding, solidarity and a joint world in their hearts.


The diversified programme successfully combined the different cultures. The colourful stage show was enriched by Kossi Dikpor's and Ashitey's drum band, the Singing Friends of the Liederkranz as well as the belly dance ensemble of Tanzträume. As top act Rolf Stahlhofen and his band could elate the audience and provided a real musical highlight in Bammental. The physical well-being was not neglected either: Kossi Dikpor's “Kakadu Association“ and the „Licht für Afrika Association“, which supports the use of hydroelectric power especially in Tanzania, joined their efforts to supply refreshments and the fragrance of African spices and delicious lunch came from the adjoining stands. The Konfetti-Team of the Catholic Community affectionately welcomed the children with creative tinkering offers. Moreover, many visitors used the opportunity to have themselves a Rastafari-style hairdressing braided by Astu and to get an artistic face-painting done by Christine Kraft.


Just one step aside Hans Föhrenbach indulged the visitors in ambrosial creams and decorative soaps. The visitors used the opportunity for a conversation about the recent situation in Africa, among others with former bishop Macram Gassis from Sudan being for a sojourn in Wiesenbach. 


The organizers give a huge "Thank You" to all visitors, makers, artists and Africa-enthusiasts as well as to all people involved making this Afrikafest a successful day.